Earth Source GeothermalTM HDPE Pipe

Geothermal piping is creating a noticeable impact on the polyethylene market, with usage continuing to expand as residential and commercial customers look to reduce their heating and cooling costs while enjoying the benefits of utilizing a renewable energy source. Flying W Plastics is at the forefront in supporting the geothermal industry with its premium line of Earth Source GeothermalTM pipe. Furthermore, NSF-GEO certification for our Earth Source GeothermalTM pipe helps us to meet the highest standard for polyethylene geothermal piping in the industry.


The fastest growing segment of Flying W Plastics’ geothermal sales is for pre-fabricated dual-wrapped coils with a pre-installed U-bend.  We fabricate the coils on-site using a DR 9 molded U-fitting.


The piping is made to ASTM D3035 specifications, and has NSF-Geothermal listing. The coils are butt-fused together to a one-piece U-bend by trained and certified employees. The fitting is specially designed for geothermal well applications with a tapered “spear pointed” head for ease of installation.

Once fabricated and coiled, the coils are pressurized and the ends are crimped to prevent contamination during installation, and to reduce the fear of integrity loss during the transportation, handling and well insertion phases of the installation.



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