Titan SupremeTM Potable & Non-Potable HDPE Water Pipe & Tubing

Titan Supreme is manufactured in accordance with ASTM D-2239 specifications, and is designed for use in pressure applications for potable water. This is an inside diameter (I.D.) controlled pipe (IDR) with operating water pressures of 125psi, 160psi, 200psi, and 250psi at 23 °C (73 °F), depending on wall thickness. Titan Supreme has NSF Standard 14 certification and meets AWWA C901 specifications, as well as NSF/ANSI standard 61 certification. Titan Supreme is also available in copper tubing size (C.T.S.) O.D. controlled DR9 made to ASTM D2737, and is available made from PE3608 material on special orders. It is manufactured with a PE4710 Class C high density polyethylene resin (see ASTM D-2239, and/or ASTM D-3350 for detailed specifications) and is available in various sizes and lengths.


Titan Supreme is color-coded by wrapping each coil with color tape to indicate the pressure rating (PSI) and the exact footage of the coil. This same color is also found on the print line of the pipe itself, eliminating costly inventory and shipping problems. Color codes are Blue (125 PSI), Red (160 PSI), White (200 PSI), Yellow (250 PSI), and Orange (250 PSI [C.T.S.]).

Click the image at right to download the complete Titan Supreme Potable & Non-Potable HDPE Water Pipe & Tubing product specifications catalog.

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